6 Most Common Tasks of a Real Estate VA

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Have you ever considered hiring a virtual real estate assistant?

You might find what you’re looking for in the form of a real estate industry expert working as your virtual assistant, gaining efficiencies in terms of time and money spent, as well as increased brand awareness and customer value for your company.

Common Tasks of a Virtual Assistant For Real Estate Agencies

Hiring a virtual assistant provides you assistance with the following tasks. Let’s check them out…

1. Website Maintenance for Real Estate Marketing

Access to a virtual assistant may be a massive help in creating a marketing strategy to increase the visibility of listings, updating listings, and add new content to a website. They can be skilled in editing, search engine optimisation, and content selection and can help you with your professional blog.

2. Handling Bookkeeping

A virtual assistant can help you keep track of the firm’s finances to avoid paying for subscriptions or services they don’t use because they almost forgot about them. It can also help to avoid paying late fees because you failed to deliver on time. Even for tax purposes, a firm can ask for assistance keeping track of expenditures and travel mileage.

3. Client Reporting

One of the most common property management tasks is to help you stay in touch with your current listing clients, by sending statements and following up with them at the end of each month. Reporting to clients should be tailored to their needs, including information on cross-marketing campaigns and showcasing comments from other real estate agents and purchasers.

4. Agent Feedback – an Essential Time-Sensitive Task

A VA in the real estate industry can aid by contacting the buyer’s agents who have yet to respond to a listing. Make a buyer’s agent online questionnaire simple to use and send them by email, then call them if they still need to be completed.

5. Coordination in Listing

A task by a real estate outsourced worker may aid with promotional content for all of your social media channels. Services like Kijiji, Craigslist, and the Facebook marketplace are just a few examples. They can create and publish broker-approved advertisements highlighting the property’s best qualities and benefits.

6. Social Media Posting

Whether you like it or not, social media is now integral to a real estate agent’s day. Brokers effortlessly generate a lot of interest in their listings by posting about them on social media. In contrast, others need help turning their efforts into tangible results on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Those in the second group could greatly benefit from giving their social media management to a virtual assistant who knows what they need to do.

Final Words

Hiring a reliable real estate virtual assistant professional familiar with your field is a great decision. They can deliver the assistance you require on a permanent or as-needed basis. If you’re looking for where to get started, there are established outsourcing companies like Smart Virtual Assistant providing VA’s to real estate agencies. They are set up and ready to go, so you can save the expense of additional local workers and devote more time to fostering connections with current clients. It will also help you to generate buzz in your target market by eliminating non-essential tasks.

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