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Cathy Smith is a seasoned real estate professional and financial expert with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked extensively in mortgage servicing, real estate investments and development, financial advisory services, and investment banking.

Cathy’s expertise lies in understanding complex financial transactions, including mortgages, loans, equity investments, and structured finance instruments. She has experience in financial statements analysis, budgeting, forecasting, dividend yield calculations, and capitalization rate determination.

Cathy also knows about various real estate investments, such as residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and agricultural properties. She has developed a strong understanding of the local real estate market trends and knows how to maximize returns on real estate investments.

In addition to her financial and real estate expertise, Cathy is also a licensed loan officer and has worked with many lenders in originating mortgage loans for her clients. She has an impressive track record of successfully closing deals for buyers and sellers by negotiating favorable terms through creative transaction structuring.

Cathy is committed to providing her clients with the best possible service and assisting them in achieving their financial goals. She is passionate about helping individuals and institutions alike realize their investment objectives.